About Us


Tree Arrangements Pty Ltd started as a family business over 20 years ago, in Far North Queensland.

The founder, John Madderom has been in the arboricultural industry for over 40 years. His qualifications include a Diploma of Arboriculture, Diploma of Horticulture, Diploma of Forest and Forest Products and Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. His experience and knowledge of trees is vast and tested.
Throughout this time, the company has developed a strong reputation for excellence in this field. The company has a strong customer base, which continually refer new clients on, as customer satisfaction is very important. We are proud of our great reputation and of the work we are able to achieve as a company. We cover all aspects of Arboriculture, from general tree health and maintenance to the more skilled jobs of transplanting, vegetation planning and health recovery.
We are proud to be well known and respected in Cairns and the surrounding areas within business and the community. Our crews will be found working in schools, planting around housing, trimming and repairing in local parks and streets. They can be found working around golf courses, shopping centres, resorts, islands, business centres, complex buildings, land clearances, new construction sites and we have a strong presence in any disaster situation. We make sure our teams are skilled, pre-planned and prepared for many different emergency situations.
Our company has developed some fantastic procedures and strategies for vegetation health care and insect impact. We have qualified consultants who are able to diagnose and treat problems to protect your trees or just give advice for future management.
Our highly skilled employees are continually improving their skills and are committed to providing a fantastic service in a timely manner. We provide free, detailed quotations and work with our clients to provide the best outcome in all situations. All of our staff, equipment and jobs are covered by the best insurances and safety standards, so you can rest assured of a great job when you contract our company to do your works.

Environmental and Cultural Heritage Policies

Tree Arrangements has a strong respect for the environment and cultural heritage. In all our dealings, every effort is made to ensure we preserve and protect our local environment and cultural heritage. Further details can be found in our Environmental Policy and Cultural Heritage Policy attached.
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Conditions of Work

Commitment to quality and safety is of number one importance to Tree Arrangements. We will work with our clients to provide quotations and pricing that works with their needs and within our bounds of safety and quality.
Free, no obligation quotes can be provided, contracted pricing can be arranged, or a structure that may be unique to your needs can be discussed and set up. Once a price is agreed to, we will require a purchase order or confirmation of agreed pricing, then a commencement and completion date will be arranged.
Any additional works will need to be authorised and signed off on before such works are started. Emergency works (which we specialise in) have special terms, which can be unique to each situation as we are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These will be discussed and authorised so that works can proceed as quickly as possible. Invoices will have our terms noted; most invoices, unless a special arrangement is made, are 30 days
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